Apostasy In The Church


Is this happening in your church?

You may have heard of The New Apostolic Reformation, or NAR. If you haven’t, then you may, like I did, be surprised that it has successfully infiltrated most churches.

These following explanations may help you to realise what is going on in the churches – maybe even in your own church.

I urge you to pray and be led by the Holy Spirit as to what to do if this is the case. I left my church eventually, realising I couldn’t change anything.

Summary of a report on the apostasy in the church.

Go to https://deceptionfree.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/conclusion-on-western-christianity/  for complete blog post

  • There is a One World Government being set up, a conspiracy happening over hundreds of years.

  • This conspiracy wants a one world religion to usher in the “new age” Christ or Anti-Christ.

  • Christianity is the chief target of this and has been intentionally infiltrated by Free Masonry and the occult.

  • This has led to all old denominations being led under the World Council Of Churches through the Ecumenical movement. All authority is being handed over to Rome and the Pope to hand over to the coming Anti-Christ.

  • False teachers and prophets own mainstream Christianity through TBN and “Family” Organizations.

  • The modern spirit filled revival movements are being led by new age teachers and political Dominionsists. They seek to water down the truth, confuse and pollute people with new age doctrine.

  • There are many leaders that are in fact Satanists pretending to be Christians and there are many Christian centers that are secretly centers of ritual satanic abuse.

  • The ICA and NAR seek to put everyone under the authority of these false super prophets and apostles.

  • After this authority is set up and the church has been fully deceived the end result will be a system set up to direct people to worship the beast.

  • There is a counterfeit spirit with lying signs and wonders running wild in the church masquerading like a revival.

“The enemy’s plan in my own words; Satan is trying to set the world up to worship him in a one world dictatorship through the NWO. In the area of religion he is trying to unify the world under a one world religion setting up all the religions to become “new age” (Universalism). His strategy for the church is to place his agents at the top of our authority structure to subtly undermine doctrine and faith. They are trying to make us believe there is a big end time harvest where most of the world will get saved and Christians will be at the top of the world’s power structure. He wants us to jump on the train and trick us to think “heaven is invading earth” with all kinds of signs and wonders so he can validate what he is doing. He wants the church to open themselves up to new age teaching and practices and water down the word of God so when he exposes himself as the false messiah the maximum number of Christians will turn and worship him. The Satanic agenda that which the book of Revelation calls the Activity of Satan (2 Thessalonians 2:8-10) is about to climax and we as believers need to be ready. The enemies main tool is deception and distraction. The devil has distracted us with this shallow form of Christianity while he sets up his empire of evil and deceives us with doctrines of demons.
“This is the plan whether you want to admit it or not. A lot of people caught up in what I have been talking about in this paper are promoting Satan’s agenda. The strategy is to subtlety change things so people will be unaware until one day the leaders of these movements will (after they have everyone possible under their authority) direct people under Rome and Rome will direct people under the Antichrist. This will be done after the world has been spun into confusion and everyone is desperate for a solutions to worldwide financial collapse, nuclear war, famine, plagues and disasters that sweep the earth; the things prophesied in Revelation. That is when everyone will submit to this system the NWO has set up because they feel it is the only solution for the future. Christians who were lead astray by this movement, who thought they were supposed to be raptured or thought they would rule the earth before Jesus comes back, will likely turn to the NWO and the antichrist thinking that he is the true Christ. The deception will be unprecedented in human history. The things that will take place will be so deceptive that even the elect may be deceived.

“To paint a crazy picture it could look something like this: the world has fallen apart and the technology that is being kept secret has been released like “Terminator” type warfare is taking place and all of sudden “aliens” aka demons (Nephlim) reveal themselves to humanity and then the antichrist appears on the scene with all the worlds answers and provides peace. That is a possible example of how crazy it will get. When the church that is being lead astray turns away to this world wide movement that it is being set up, that is what will be spoken of as the great “Apsotasy” or “Falling Away. (2 Thes 2:3) I believe we are at the beginning of all of that happening and we need to wake up and prepare ourselves. We need to turn a side from these apostate organizations and teachers and focus on the basics of Christianity. We need to completely turn aside from all of their influence and be separate, along with the secular influence of the world. If we are going to be the bride we need to be set apart without spot or wrinkle.

“True Christianity and revival are happening all over the world and this is still an end time harvest. Right now there are over 6 billion people on earth, more than everyone that ever existed in history. The wicked have always outnumbered the righteous on planet earth and they do today. Just because false prophets like Bob Jones prophesies false things like there will be 1 billion youth come to Christ in coming years doesn’t mean there is no harvest. Not everyone who is saved will continue to live for Christ and live pure lives for him. The truth is many will fall away, BUT as in scripture God always has his remnant. If the true Christians in these last days do what the book of Revelation says to do, hold fast to the faith and persevere to the end they will be the end time harvest. It may be not billions but a few hundred million perhaps? That is still a great end time harvest compared to the rest of history where only thousands of Christians once existed at any one time in history. True revival happens at the grass roots of every movement when people repent and come right with God in their hearts. There are many dedicated believers all over the world especially in the 3rd world that hold on to their faith in Jesus. Deception seems to come in when people try and create structure around it and make a hierarchy of authority. We can have revival in our hearts and in our spheres of influence if we stay in prayer with Jesus, read his word and share the message of salvation with people. If we are compassionate to the poor and help people in need we will find the kingdom of God advancing.

“I’m going to end on this analogy I came up with . Jesus is the truth and the Anchor of our faith. We were once lost at sea and came into the harbor of TRUTH and saved by anchoring ourselves to Christ. The anchor is the fundamentals of our faith; Love, Repentance, Forgiveness, Selflessness and Oneness with God. After time man feels the need to build a boat to stand on and even some ships. This is called religion. Man made systems supported by the truth. There is nothing wrong with this as long as it stays anchored for the ship can be good providing comfort. But there is a point when it wants to set sail and remove its self from the anchor. The ship not being anchored drifts from the harbor of truth and the people on board start to lose site of the truth and the essentials they had when anchored in the harbor of truth. This then allows them to be boarded and even taken over by other ships not from the harbor of truth, other belief systems based on other things. They then try to come back into the harbor of truth flying the truth flags when in fact they are no longer about the truth but deception. This is a great snare to lost people at sea coming into the harbor of truth looking for the anchor of Jesus. They get picked up by the ships drifting far out and pollute their minds and offend their conscience so they can never get to the anchor. If they don’t agree with the captain they are forced to walk the plank floating at sea till another ship picks them up or they get devoured by the great sea serpent Leviathan. The emerging church is like the Titanic, a huge manmade ship set out to prove its self as the best going far from the harbor of Truth. Now it has hit the iceberg and it is only a matter of time before it sinks. The remnant from the ship needs to get on the lifeboats and get back to the Anchor. Blessed are those who find the anchor and stay anchored in the truth for that is their only hope until the King returns and sinks all the other ships that don’t keep the truth.”

Taken from https://deceptionfree.wordpress.com
Go to https://deceptionfree.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/conclusion-on-western-christianity/  for complete blog post

(Links below to full report)

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Part 2: The Conspiracy


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Part 4: King Pins of the Christian Mafia


Part 5: Satan’s Deceptive Theology; Dominionism and the NAR


Part 6: Exposing the Counterfiet in the Emergent Church


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If you don’t know the true Gospel, or are unsure wether you’re saved, please read this.

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