I am your life!

Word from God

Trust me, my child. Rest in me and be at peace. I love you. I know what you are going through.

Lean on me and draw strength from me. Let me lead you, step-by-step. Let me lead you through your day. I am your strength and your life. I love you my child.

I AM your life! Lean on me and rest in me, and let me energise you. Let me lead you – to green pastures and still waters – where I will feed your soul. I know you’re upset and struggling. The pain is hard to bear, and you are tired. Rest in me. I am your strength.

I am directing you. I don’t want you to strive or worry. Be led by me. Trust me.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, please read this.

2 thoughts on “I am your life!

  1. Thank you Helen… sweet humble voice and ministry for the Lord and the hurting disciples, like ourselves who have tried so hard for so many years but don’t fit in with the mainstream… and your blog and FB are lovely. We need God’s Peace and Healing as we recover from the false religious spirits and pressure of those who abuse us for choosing to go by the narrow way… walking alone with the Lord if needs be. As you say some things just don’t
    sit right in our spirit where the Holy Spirit dwells. He is our teacher and guide into all truth. We must follow Him. God bless. Susan,


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