The church, and my elect

Word from God.

The church, as a whole, has been successfully infiltrated and is being made ready for the one world religion. Those with discernment and a love for the truth are seeing this, and I am calling them out, one by one. My remnant will leave the church. The church members will look at them and see them as backslidden, as rebellious.

The church is filled with pride, and has fallen away from me. The lamps are going out, and the light they think they have isn’t light, but darkness. They will accuse and persecute my chosen ones, my elect, as they have already done.

You are better away from them, and meeting amongst yourselves. You will never be accepted in the “church”, which is no longer my church. You will always be accepted amongst my elect, and the ministry you have may appear small, by the world’s standards. In my eyes it is precious – so precious! Every soul you touch, every person comforted and uplifted, is so important and vital in my eyes. Do not despise the small things, for they are what I look at – not the large success stories that can so easily become tainted, and have now become impure.

I see you – your endeavours, your creativity, your life! I see the smiles and hear the kind words. I see and know your love! I hear the prayers and the sighs, and I see your tears. I know your struggles and your longings. All of this is ministry, and sweet incense to me.

I will give you all you need and more! Trust me. Be at peace in me. My eyes are on you, my child, my beloved. I rejoice in you! I rejoice in your obedience to me!

Keep close to me, and hold on to the truth you have.

The small will be great in my kingdom!

If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, please read this.

4 thoughts on “The church, and my elect

    1. Hi Tony, that’s good advice! I’ll have to work on that. It’s hard to know what true church would be like, as we’ve all been under deception for so long. I think I’ll go back to Acts and the first church.

      Thank you for your interest,
      God bless you,


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