I Am Coming Soon!

Jesus is coming soon!

I received this word on 15/11/2017

I am coming soon, but it won’t be on a date that you’re expecting me. It really will be unexpected, and you could be doing anything. You will hear the trumpet, and you will hear my voice!

Those who are ready will rejoice – they will recognise my voice and will know it’s time for their redemption!

Those who aren’t ready will be scared – they may realise what’s happening, but will panic, knowing they’re not ready. Some will question, saying that it can’t be happening now…..that this thing or that thing hasn’t happened yet…..or even saying that the rapture isn’t supposed to happen at all…..

Others will be caught out, and will say things to the effect that, it’s not supposed to happen now…..it’s not a feast day…..there was nothing to show us…..

And others will simply not want to leave the earth. Their attachments to people, possessions, ministries and projects are too strong, for they haven’t surrendered these things to me.

Be ready!

Be ready by continually surrendering to me, by repenting when I show you, and by keeping close to me.

You worry that you get caught up with things you’re doing. Don’t be condemned, for I know your heart. I know whether you’re doing things for your own gain, or for my glory. I know there’s things in life that have to be done, and I see your heart.

I also know that you need to relax, and some of your activities are simply tools to relax, such as games, TV, reading… Again, I know your heart.

I know that when you are ill, tired, and in pain, it’s difficult to focus. I understand. I know your heart.

Desire me in your heart. Surrender everything to me. Rely on me to keep you ready.

Carry extra oil like the five wise virgins.

The oil is my Spirit. The extra oil is the outpouring and overflowing of my Spirit.

When you’re tired or feeling down, are you uplifted at the thought of my coming, and are you able to still delight in me? I know you may feel you can’t do this when you’re in major depression. I’m not talking about a response that changes what you’re experiencing. I’m talking about a deep, inner spark of desire, and joy, in the midst of the depression or heaviness. The deep inner longing and knowing.

You have the extra oil. You long for me, in the midst of tiredness and pain. You delight in me, and you trust me!

Watch for Jesus’ return.

Watch, by being close to me and being obedient to my Spirit. Watch your thoughts and your speech. Watch for unforgiveness, and repent when you need to. Keep yourself clean and prepared.My Spirit in you is speaking to you, and will show you clearly when you need to repent. I will complete the work I have to begun in you. Remain surrendered to me. I will not let you go, for I have called you and chosen you. I long to take you home, my beloved!

Come quickly Lord!

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