The Spirit And The Bride Say, “Come!”

Surrender to me and trust me.

I know your battles and I know your problems. I understand how difficult it is to focus on me, and on my kingdom. Trust me to keep you focused, to lead you through the chaos around you. You are in my hands, and I am leading you. Surrender even more to me.

I am coming soon, and I am preparing you.

Those that aren’t expecting me won’t be ready.

People who are caught up in false doctrine won’t hear the truth – they are already full of their own ideas and their hearts are hard.

People who are wanting me, people who are desperate – these are the ones I’m coming for.

I won’t condemn people who are honestly seeking me, but are still in deception. None of you are totally free.

I want each of you to be longing for me, for my return, and to be ready. Don’t think you have years to prepare, or even months. Doing this will cause you to procrastinate. You can’t afford to procrastinate.

LISTEN to my spirit, for my spirit is preparing you.

The spirit and the bride say “Come!” Those who are looking for my coming are calling to those who aren’t looking. They are saying that time is short.

I could come back TODAY!

Whatever you are doing, do it in me, with awareness of me. Be ready to leave at any time.

Those who say you have years left are deceived. Don’t believe them!

Listen to my spirit – he is speaking to you! I am calling my bride, but not everyone is listening.

I KNOW my bride! I know those who are waiting.

The time will come when I will stop calling, and it WILL be too late, for my bride will be gone from this world.

I won’t wait for long. There have been plenty of warnings.

Come while you still can!

Word from God, received on 16/12/2017

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