Surrender to Jesus, and He will perfect you!

Time is short.

Be ready for my coming by repenting when you need to, by forgiving those you need to, and by being close to me always. Ask me to reveal your heart and motives. Ask me to cleanse you. I will give you strength to overcome, and I will enable you, in every area of your life, to do my will. Ask of me and I will give you everything you need.

Trust me, for I am your loving bridegroom, and my desire is for you to be ready for me. I have given myself to you as a betrothal gift, and I continue to give myself to you. Be willing and surrender totally to me – ask me to enable you to do this.

I cannot change a rebellious or a hardened heart, but I can and will change a heart that is yielded to me and willing to change. I have refiners fire in my hands, and I am refining those who are open to me, those who are willing, those who are wanting to be refined.

I know the ones who love me, and I am getting you ready. Continue in your willingness to obey me, in repentance, and in your desire to be close to me. Surrender those things that are not of me: the distractions and the unhealthy habits, and I will be faithful to deliver you.

Trust me, for I love you, and I am longing to return and gather you to myself.


I received this word on 6/12/2017

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