The Catching Away of The Bride of Christ!

The trumpet sounds!

I’m watching “A Place to Call Home” on TV, and feeling a little restless for some reason. I’ve had an amazing day, doing art work and playing my harp, and I still feel wound up, though very tired. The show on TV isn’t grabbing my attention like it used to.

Suddenly, a sound blasts through the air – it’s a shofar! I recognise its distinctive tone. I jump up and rush outside!

“It’s the rapture, it must be!” I laugh and feel incredible happiness! Looking upwards, I see the sky is shining, not like daylight or sunshine, but with bright white light that’s getting steadily brighter.

I hear other doors open around me, and the voices of my neighbours, who sound startled. A couple of ladies I know to be Christian rush up to my steps, calling out to me,

“Helen, pray for me please!”

“Give me what you have!”

“I’m not ready – help me!”

I feel a strong urge to pray for them, but remember what Jesus told me a while ago, that I can’t be distracted. I keep looking upwards, even as they grab my arms. “I can’t help you, it’s too late.” I feel sadness for them, but know I can do nothing.

A voice like thunder and rolling waves drowns out the shofar, saying, “Get ready my bride, I’m coming for you!” My heart is pounding wildly, and tears flow down my cheeks, just as two angels appear and grab my hands. My neighbours are still tugging at me, crying and wailing, but I’m focussed on the angels, and the sky above.

What happens next is so fast it’s difficult to describe. My body is lifted from the ground and I’m pulled into the air! I hear much crying and wailing coming from many directions, but gradually fading as we go higher into the air. Looking upwards at the sky, I can see a figure radiating with bright light, and I know it to be Jesus!

Meeting Jesus!

In the next moment, I’m standing before my Lord and saviour: he is radiant white, and I feel warmth and love coming from him. Without thinking, I fall down before him, kissing his feet and bathing them with joyous tears, my whole being bursting with adoration and worship! I feel something being placed in my hand by an angel – I don’t see the angel, but somehow sense it’s one. Knowing I’ve been given a jar of oil, I lovingly pour the oil on Jesus’ feet, and wipe his feet with my hair, which I realise is now really long, and curly!

Jesus crouches before me, lifting my head gently with his hands, so I’m gazing in his face. His eyes are so deep and full of love and compassion, and he is smiling. “I know you have longed to do this, my beloved!”

I chokingly say, “Yes my lord.”

He lifts me to my feet and embraces me. “How I’ve longed for this day, Helen!” Jesus speaks with tenderness and longing. I feel myself drowning in his unconditional love for me, and all sense of time disappears.

“Come,” Jesus slowly releases his grip, “I’ll take you to our home.” Keeping one arm around me, our feet leave the ‘ground.’ I realise, as I’m lifted up, that we really were standing on a cloud, just as the Scriptures declared we would! An angel grabs my other hand and we are travelling upwards very quickly, with multitudes of colours spinning past us. I feel no fear, but absolute trust in Jesus. Excitement and joy are welling up within me!

I become aware of many others travelling with us – it seems that Jesus is holding everyone’s hands, and everyone appears to have angels with them. I simultaneously realise that my second angel is behind me, guarding me and guiding our journey. I have also become aware that I feel really light and relaxed, my head is crystal clear, I have no pain or tension whatsoever, and all tiredness has gone!

I hear some laughter I recognise, and looking over I see Amanda! I laugh and call her name – I don’t know if she has seen me, as she is looking ahead and seems oblivious to everything around her but Jesus!

In Heaven!

Our pace slows down, and we gently land. Jesus looks at me smiling, and says, “Welcome Home, my bride!”

“Oh Jesus, I love you!” Gazing into his eyes, I feel overwhelmed with joy and deep peace. I hear someone giggling and calling my name, and Amanda appears! She is looking radiant and so beautiful!

“Oh sister, I’m so glad you’re here! Isn’t it wonderful! I have so much I want to show you! Jesus, this woman loves you so much!”

Jesus nods and says, “I know!”

Then, to my left, Sharon appears, smiling and laughing! “It’s happened! Oh I’m so happy! This is so exciting!” Sharon is glowing, and such joy is radiating from her!

Someone touches my shoulder from behind me, saying, “Hey we made it!” I swing round to see Mary, and we hug and laugh!

What follows is a wonderful time of meeting friends and rejoicing together! I discover that each of us met Jesus personally in the clouds, and every person’s experience was unique and special to them.

Amanda, who was already in heaven, had suddenly found herself in her body, flying upwards! With a look of sorrow and her eyes cast downwards, she told us that many who are already in heaven, weren’t part of the rapture or the bride. They would be the wedding guests, and would receive their bodies at the second resurrection.

I soon become aware of people who aren’t here, though there are so many here that I may not have seen them yet. This seems unlikely though, as I’ve also noticed how easily we’ve found our friends and family. Others are also noticing missing people, and there is a brief moment of realisation amongst us: they have been left behind.

Sadness won’t grip us here though, in this place of such beauty and joy!

I have barely even noticed our surroundings, as the excitement and delight in meeting Jesus, and seeing all my friends, has taken all my attention. I am aware of a beautiful smell; the air feels clean and pure, and everything feels alive!

Angels are mingling with us as we exchange our experiences, and we soon realise that the angels are equally interested and are rejoicing with us!

Meeting the Father

Jesus’ voice fills the air, “Come, my bride, let me take you to meet my Father!” Immediately, Jesus is by my side (and I instinctively know he is by each person’s side). He looks at me tenderly, and tells me how he has longed for this day! Putting his arm around my shoulders, he leads me towards a bright golden structure. I hadn’t seen this before now, and wonder how it has suddenly appeared. Knowing my thoughts, Jesus tells me there is no distance in heaven.

The golden structure seems to melt and I realise we’re inside a massive room of golden walls and pillars! Music fills the air and fills my being: singing, harps, and other instruments, all in perfect harmony! There is a long walkway lined with angels, and at the end is a golden throne, radiating with light.

I look at Jesus, feeling overwhelmed. He holds me closer, saying, “Have no fear, my Father is your Father, and he loves you!”

We begin to walk, and ahead of us, angels bow down, sweeping their wings on the ground, before Jesus, worshipping him! The worship grows louder and more intense (though it’s never too loud). I am clinging to Jesus, and as we draw closer to the throne, I feel indescribable glory and power radiating from it. I see strange looking creatures around it, radiant and shining!

I cling to Jesus more tightly, feeling I’m going to fall. Overwhelming love, mingled with the glory and power, is saturating me, and I feel myself melting. Jesus is holding me and keeping me on my feet, and as we reach the throne I fall down completely, with my face to the ground, completely overcome with awe, adoration, awareness of my insignificance and imperfection, and realisation that I could be burnt up and destroyed.

I hear a deep, powerful voice speaking, resonating within and around me: a voice like rolling waves, a voice like thunder, and a voice filled with love. “Rise up, my daughter!”

Jesus lifts me up, presenting me to the Father. I keep my head bowed, not daring to look at him.

“Daughter,” the Father speaks to me, “Helen, I am so pleased with you!” My head is lifted by the Father and I’m looking straight at him.

I remember the words, “No man can look at God and live”, and the Father, knowing my thoughts, says,

“You know and love my son. You are made worthy by him. I am your Father, my child, and I love you!”

His love washes over me, overwhelming me, and I almost fall again.

“Receive my strength!” The Father, my Father, places his hand on my head, and I feel strength pouring into me. I kneel down in worship and adoration.

“You are a worshipper, and even in your difficult times you have continue to worship me.

“I know you think you failed, but I know your heart, and in your heart you were worshipping me.

“Each time you walked away from compromise, you were worshipping me through your obedience.

“Every time you were rejected and persecuted, for the sake of righteousness, you were worshipping me.

“I know you. I love you. I chose you from before the foundation of time, to be mine.

“You love my son, and you love me. Now you will be with me for ever!

“Rise up, my daughter!”

I now have the strength to get up from the floor. My Father reaches out his hand and pulls me to him. I realise he is standing, and he embraces me! Jesus is also embracing me, and I feel a third person, who I know to be the Holy Spirit, embracing me!

Searched and known

I’m aware again of beautiful music, of worship filling the temple. I’m filled with joy and peace such as I have never known. “My bride,” says Jesus, as my Father releases his grip, “Let us go now, into my chamber.” I can just make out my Father’s face, admist the glow of golden light, and he is smiling, looking at me with pride, joy, and love! Jesus takes my hand and leads me – we walk closer towards the Father, and as we do, I feel the Father reaching into my inward parts, increasingly more deeply, with his gaze. I feel walls of resistance falling down, and as we walk right through the throne, the last bit of resistance falls, as the Father reaches into the deepest part of me and through me. He truly knows me, through and through, and he truly loves and accepts me!

Part 2 following soon…..

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