Bring Wholeness To Your Bride

Grief wells up within me:

Pain, tears, sadness,

Such terrible hurt…

Such awful division

In your body, Lord.

We hurt one another,

Pull each other down,

And each of us are full of pride.

Pride, instead of love.

Lord help us,

Lord forgive us.

Help us to be merciful,

Tender, encouraging,

And humble.

For it is you we love,

You we worship,

You we adore.

You dwell in each of us

And we cause you pain

By being so centred on self,

And not regarding others above


We hurt you when we hurt others.

Lead us to repentance, Lord,

Lead us to forgiveness.

Enable us to love one another,

To see each other as you see us,

And to accept each other as you accept us.

Bring wholeness to your bride,

Lord Jesus.

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