Now what?

I don’t have cancer, and the rapture hasn’t happened. I’ve come back from visiting my family, and I’m feeling a little lost.

Recently I was ill, for three months, and was convinced I had cancer (I’ve already had breast cancer twice). The results of tests, prior to going away, were clear.

During the illness, I had amazing peace, and had no fear of dying. I felt I was winding things up: I made a bucket list and completed some items on it. This included starting a blog (this one), learning to do decoupage (I made seven decoupage on canvas pictures for my family, using scrapbook paper I made myself, with words the Lord gave me for each of them, and symbolic pictures. I also made the first in a series of decoupage on canvas pictures I’ve planned, for my home, based on the Song of Solomon), and singing/playing my harp at the village where I live. I also prepared letters for those who are left behind after the rapture.

After finding out I didn’t have cancer, I prepared myself for the rapture, which I (and many others) believed was imminent. It still may be, but it didn’t happen while I was away, like I thought it would.

Although it was lovely seeing everyone, my family aren’t Christians, and with four grandchildren, the time away wasn’t restful.

I’ve been feeling flat and a bit empty since my return. I have things I want to do, but feel unmotivated. It’s probably a combination of tiredness (from the holiday, and the illness), feeling unsettled after being away, and a measure of disappointment.

I have SO much to be thankful for!

I know I need to be deliberately thankful to God for everything! He knows best, and I’m exactly where he wants me! His blessings are countless, and his love is unending!

Time of preparation

This has been, and still is, a time of preparation. Things in the world are happening quickly, and the apostasy in the church is increasing. End times are upon us.

I really have no ties to this life, and no fear of dying, which is solely the result of God’s amazing work within me!

I can’t say I have no fear of the future. I fear persecution. I fear being without my everyday comforts and necessities. I fear pain. But I trust God more….He IS in control. He knows what each person can bear. He loves us!

So whatever the future holds, I pray that each of us will live our lives surrendered to Jesus and trusting in Him.

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