Listen, God IS Leading You!





I’m very creative, and I also love to be organised.


This past week, I’ve been tidying and organising. It started with my craft supplies, and quickly extended to my whole house. 


I tend to be a perfectionist, and when I’m organising I can quickly become anxious. I realised that I was worrying about the future, and trying to organise with future possibilities in mind.


I received this word from God, and I know it will be life changing if I’m able to apply it.

I hope it will help you too!



Step by step! Moment by moment!


Listen to me while you’re working, and ask me questions. I will lead you! I want to lead you. 

I care about what you’re doing, and I want you to do it well.


I am leading you, and I will lead you with even more detail – you just need to be still within yourself. 


Take a moment to listen to me. You will save time by doing this! 


Do this every time you need to make a decision.

Trust me. I want you to sort and tidy, but not to stress.


Take one step at a time. Things always change, and you will never find perfection in your organising.

Trust me to lead you, and be at peace. Don’t think about, or worry about the “what if’s”. 

Trust me in the moment. You can’t plan ahead.


Don’t worry about future possibilities, don’t try to plan for things that may not happen. 

Listen to me and obey my leading – this is what’s important.


Dear lord, how do I listen to you while I’m doing things? How do I remember to listen to you and to ask you questions?


It takes practice. I will remind you.

Ask my spirit to remind you: I am talking to you.


When you’re getting frustrated, when you feel anxious or undecided, then stop and ask me. Stop and listen. 

Rely more and more on me. 


This is part of being watchful.


Know my will for you by listening to me. Listen to me by taking the time to listen.


I don’t want you to strive or worry. There will always be something to sort out! 


I’ll show you what to do and when to do it. 

I’ll give you the energy and strength to do what I ask of you.


Received 15th/16th Jan. 2018



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