Surrender takes trust


God wants us to be surrendered to him.

God made us with free will, yet his desire is for each of us to be willingly surrendered, totally to him. 

He knows that we fail, yet he endures with patience and love, teaching and healing us, and enabling us.

I praise and thank God for his great mercy!


I am still learning to trust God with the details of my life. 

Thankfully, he guides me with this, giving me practical advice! He is so good!

He gave me this word today.


I am teaching you!

I want you to be ready for me, and I am anointing you to do what truly matters. 

I am teaching you to move with my spirit: not ahead and not behind, but with me.


Live in the moment!

Living in the moment, and not rushing ahead with your thoughts, will keep you focused on me. 


Living in the moment involves trust: 

Trusting me to show you the next step, 

Trusting that I know what needs to be done, 

Trusting that I know all about you.


I love you, and I truly care about every detail of your life! 

You truly don’t need to worry, for everything, every part of your life, is in my hands.


You will make mistakes.

You will make mistakes and wrong choices, as you are not perfect. I know this, and I allow for this. 

You don’t and won’t always hear me clearly or correctly – I understand this. I don’t want you to stress about this.

Trust that I know you don’t always hear me clearly, and that you don’t always listen. 

When you make a wrong choice, ask me for forgiveness. I will always forgive you if you’re truly sorry.


I am refining you and purifying you.

I love you.

I care about every detail of your life.


Received 21/1/2018


Prayer for deeper surrender to Jesus:


Lord Jesus, I place my life more fully and more completely, into your hands.

I give you my plans.

I belong to you, and I want, I desire, that you would lead me in every detail, in every facet, of my life.

I thank you so much that this is your desire, and that you love me this much!

I worship and adore you.

My desire is to glorify you in everything: in all I think, do, and say.


If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and saviour, please read this.

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