From Death To Life


From Death To Life

Reflections on the resurrection of Jesus.


Death has me in its grips,

Clutching me in its icy, cold grasp;

Casting me into a deep, empty pit.


The battle is over now, and I am numb and lifeless,

Engulfed in timeless, empty nothingness…

Unable to move, think, or feel;

Barely aware that I exist.


Memories of horrific pain and torment and the ugliness of sin…

Of becoming sin…

And the terrible, unbearable loneliness…


Far away, outside the fog,

I sense my Father’s love.


Into the fog comes a tingling, slow, penetrating warmth.

I feel my Father’s love growing closer and more real

As the feelings of tingling and warmth grow stronger.

The memories slip away.


What is this shaking and trembling?

These bolts of light striking me?


Slowly I move,

Feeling the contours of my body on the cold, hard stone.

Icy tentacles are melting, and a glorious warmth is filling me

As life creeps into my body and soul.


I open my eyes and my surroundings gradually come into focus.

Awareness sharpens.

Intense joy is filling me as I become fully alert and I realize…



Father, You are with me again!

I missed You so much…

Oh Father, I am alive!

Sin is conquered!

Death is conquered!

You have done it!


I hear angels singing and rejoicing,

Sharing my tremendous joy:

Overwhelming joy that is bursting to come out!


I feel so complete, so powerful, and so full of love!



How I long to see my disciples, my friends!

To tell them I love them!


Casting off the burial cloths

I exit the tomb!








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