In you is life!




This is a poem I wrote to remind me of what really matters in life.


I rush ahead

with my thoughts and plans,

forgetting to be still:

to listen for your voice.

I know you desire to lead me


moment by moment.

You have the perfect plan

for me…

for my life…

and for this day.


When I strive,

when I struggle,

and when I’m overwhelmed,

I’m doing things in my own strength

instead of trusting you.


I know I need to stop…

and listen:

for every moment

you are leading me!

You never forsake me!


Yet I forsake you.

I turn my attention

to the world around me.

I’m led by anxious expectations,

and I lose my peace.


Oh my Lord,

draw me into you,

and into your peace!

Harness me

with your loving arms,

and lead me to still waters,

where I will rest in you.


You are my life,

my strength,

my purpose.


Outside of you

there is no peace,

and everything is futile.


In you is abundant life

and fullness of joy!

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