In this rush and frenzy

Do you feel that Christmas has come around too quickly? Are you anxious about all the things to do? Do you feel the tension and anxiety in the air? Do you find it difficult to focus on what is really important?

This year I certainly do.

I wrote this poem, and have put it in Christmas cards and handed a few out whilst shopping. If you like it, please feel free to do the same. You can copy and paste it, no copyright or blog reference needed.


In this rush and frenzy.


Christmas is here yet again!

It’s come so quickly and I don’t feel ready.

The shops are full of people,

and there’s tension in the air.


Emails flood my inbox,

telling of sales and bargains.

The world is taken up in this frenzy 

that repeats itself every year.


Have we forgotten, or do we even know 

what happened that first Christmas 

so many years ago?


It wasn’t called Christmas then.

God, in his mercy and love,

sent his only son, Jesus Christ, 

to die for us,

to give us life!


Jesus left his wonderful home

and this God became a man.

He was born into poverty, 

and in a lowly stable.


He lived a perfect life 

and He was without sin.

He was put to death on a cross, 

though he had done no wrong.

He took our sin upon Himself

and went into a cold, dark tomb.


Then he rose again, 

triumphant over death!

He is the only way to heaven, 

and only by faith we can be saved.


In Him we can have forgiveness!

In Him we can have eternal life!

In Him we can have salvation!


In this rush and frenzy I stop.

I give my life afresh to Jesus, 

repenting of my sin and surrendering to him.


In this rush and frenzy,

stop and reflect.

Give your life to Jesus Christ,

ask him to forgive your sins.

He is the way, the truth and life.

He loves you, 

and He is calling you to him.

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