What is happening?

Do you wonder what is happening in the world?

Do you wonder where we’re headed?
Do you wonder what’s happening to the weather?
Do you wonder at the increase of natural disasters?
Do you see the increase of evil?

Do you feel the darkness closing in?

Time is very short,

and one day soon,
millions of people will suddenly disappear.
Jesus Christ will soon return to take all who believe in him,
to be with him in heaven.

A time of unbelievable hardship and suffering will follow.

It’s not too late to escape these things!

Jesus loves you so much!
He died for you, to take your sin,
that you might be made righteous,
through faith in him.

All you need to do is to believe:

Believe that Jesus is God, and he came in the flesh
to show us the way to his Father.

Believe that he took our sins upon himself, on the cross.

Believe that he rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven.

Believe that, if you truly repent of your sin,
and give your life to him,
you will be forgiven.

We are all sinners, and our sin separates us from God.

Jesus died to save us from the consequences of sin,
and when he comes again he will take us to be with him in heaven.

Time is running out!

Do you want to be left behind?

Turn to Jesus now, and be saved!

He loves you so much!

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

Do you have a personal relationship with him?

If not, do you realise your need for him?

Have you become lukewarm in your walk, and realise your need to recommit your life to Jesus?

Here is a prayer you can say.

Dear Jesus, I am a sinner, and I need you. I thank you for going to the cross to die for me, and for rising again.

I am sorry for everything I have ever done wrong, and I ask you to please wash me clean. I ask you to come into my life to be my Lord and saviour, and I surrender to You.

Please fill me with your Holy Spirit and make me whole. Help me to trust you; help me to love you; help me to live for you. Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen

Whenever we do wrong after this, we need to say we’re sorry and ask for his forgiveness. We need to ask Jesus to help us to change.

Talk to him every day, and listen to him, as he wants to talk to you!

Get a bible: I suggest you begin by reading the Gospels and the Psalms. This will help you to get to know God.

Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you.

Jesus doesn’t promise to make life perfect, in fact there may be more hardship and suffering in following him, but he does promise to give us a purpose and a future: a reason to live!

For more, see this post. 

Please let me know, in the comments below, if you have given your life to Jesus, so I can pray for you.

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