Turn to Me!

I have a plan for this day.
There are many things to be done,
and much I would like to do…..
so I frantically go my way.

Now the day is over…
I didn’t accomplish what I’d hoped to….
I’m worried and stressed,
tired and unfulfilled.

Maybe tomorrow…..

My child,
You need to stop!
Listen to me,
for I am always speaking to you,
instructing and encouraging you.

You make your plans
and go your own way,
exhausting yourself
with worry, striving,
and running around.

How I long for you to stop…..
to turn to me…..
to cast your burdens upon me,
and to let me carry you.

How I long to give you
my rest and peace.

I am here, my child,
waiting for you to turn to me.
I long to refresh you
and give you strength!

Let me lead you
on my path of life!

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