I Need You

Tired, foggy headed, and distracted

I am so tired, and prayer is even more difficult today. I hate being like this, as I love God so much, and I desperately need Him!
I am nothing without him, yet I allow myself to be distracted. I waste time. My desire is to put God first, in everything, but I fail – miserably.

This poem is my prayer.

I Need You

You know me.
You know my weakness.
You know I’m tired
and I can’t think clearly.
Prayer is difficult.

I love you so much!

Reveal the lukewarmness within me.

Show me what I need to do
to be fully committed to you.

I know I’m easily
drawn away from you.
I know there is compromise within me.

I am ashamed,
for I want to love you
so much more.

Increase my desire for you,
my wonderful Lord and Saviour!

Nothing this world offers compares with you,
yet I chase after meaningless things
when it’s you I need and desire.

You ARE my desire!

Teach me and enable me
to truly put you first.

I am in need of your mercy!
I am in need of your forgiveness!
I am in need of YOU!!!

Search me and know me – through and through.
Purge me of my sin.
Cleanse me and I shall be
whiter than snow!
Refine me and I shall be
purer than gold!

Make me ready for your return!
Count me worthy
to stand before you,
and to be with you

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